Stepping Out


Last night I met a lady who has started coming to our bible study. (The bible study that I attend is one run by a different church than the one I attend. This is more for geographic convenience than anything else). They are a beautiful group of people but it feels like the focus is on a head knowledge of the bible rather than experiencing the Holy Spirit. So I tend to sit back and throw in a spiritual grenade every now and then.

This lady obviously had issues with arthritis in her hand amongst a large amount of other ailments. I felt my hands go tingly (I have learnt that that feeling is how I know the Holy Spirit is all over me) and as the night went on the feeling got stronger. So at the end of the night I stepped out and asked if she would mind me praying for her.

She said she had lived for forty years with Christians praying for her but seamed skeptical when I started sighting the miracles that are happening all over the world with metal rods disappearing from the body and other healing.

She also said that she had previously had a lady tell her that she has these disabilities because of some sin in her life. I must say that these kinds of comments make me really angry. When healing doesn’t happen, it is not the persons fault. It is either a lack of faith on the part of the prayer, or God has an even bigger plan.

So I prayed for healing in her hands, as I felt led to go after the arthritis first before taking on the other things. Nothing happened!

So why is this worthy of a blog post?

1) I am proud that I took my first baby steps with praying for someone that I don’t know.

2) Assuming I get another chance to pray for her I want to be on record with her needs.

3) We all need to be careful with the ways that we talk to people (Christian or non). It is not our place to judge others. Our God is a god of love. Jesus only rebuked people who claimed to be religious leaders who we’re trying to lead people away from him.

4) I’m sure that God is happy that I stepped out and that is something that should be celebrated.

Comment below if you have stepped out and nothing happened. How did you handle the other side of that prayer.

Wear God’s Love.


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