Baby steps are still steps.


Today I wore one of my shirts today (it arrived yesterday). I was expecting, hoping, praying that someone would ask me about it or challenge the label… It didn’t happen.

However, while making a purchase, one of the girls in the shop was extraordinarily hyper/happy. In conversation I revealed that I have been living in that space for the last few months. She asked what happened to put me there. I told her that I lost my job! Now that may look counter intuitive, but I came to the realization that God is good. He always has something in store. So I got excited to see how God would get me out of the situation.

I also got to share with the girl that I go to church and live in a place with the Holy Spirit filling me with joy.

The conversation finished there. I didn’t have a chance to pray for her or push further. However that is not the point. It is still a win. That is the first time that I have shared what God is doing in my life with a stranger. I’m positive that God is happy for my baby steps. I’m also positive that the other four people working in the shop heard what I said. It’s about planting mustard seeds as much as it is bringing in the harvest.

PS. God has blessed me since losing all of that work. Not only has my amount of work been restored with different people but I have had a couple of unexpected “refunds” from various institutions.

God is good

Wear Gods Love


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