Weekend Evangelism


This past weekend I attended an evangelism seminar that my church ran. I’m so glad I went.

My struggle has always been the first words. How do you approach some one you don’t know.

We went out and actually spoke to people. We led with asking if we could show them a short movie. It was one of those gospel in five minute type of clips that we played from an iPad. The worst thing that happened was that a guy said no.

What surprised me was how receptive teenagers actually are. We spoke to a couple where the girl had obviously been searching and questioning different religions. It was really exiting to be able to engage in a proper conversation with someone who wanted to know.

Part of her quest for the truth has found her seriously looking at the Mormon church. Later that night I caught a show about sects in America and was reminded that the Devil can appear so similar to Gods message that we need to always be aware and cross check information with the bible.

Wearing God’s Love.


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