Upset for God


The other night I was blessed with the opportunity to pray with one of my friends. He is going through some rough times with his work/financial situation. The bigger issue however was that he felt betrayed by many friends who pretty much stole a business out from under him… We’ll they left his business and set up an identical product using his avenues of sale. You decide if that’s stealing.

The bit that got me was that he referenced the fact that they “are all Christians”. That last statement made me weep.

I’m sure that in their head they have found a way to reconcile their actions. Possibly using the defence “I’m living under grace, not rules” or “it’s a real God thing that has provided us the opportunity to make a go of this business” or worse they don’t connect the actions of their life with their belief system. I fear that it’s the latter.

The problem is that even if you can reconcile questionable actions with what the bible says, that doesn’t mean that the people around you have the same force of information to be able to understand.

If you think it’s led by God, you just need to test it. If you are “blessed” while others are experiencing a negative response with no positives then it isn’t a God thing, you just got a promotion!

If you don’t think that elements of your life have anything to do with your walk with God, I suggest that you have another read of the Bible and get back to me with the passages that suggest that there are bits of yr life that can be ignored.

The reality of the life we have been chosen to lead is that non-Christians have an expectation of what the Christian life should look like. Their perception is not always correct (mostly with our historical response to non-Christian issues) but it is our job to make sure that our actions don’t interfere with others ability to find Jesus.

Wear God’s Love


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