Jesus is not a swear word


This week I was walking through a crowded shopping centre wearing my J*E*S*U*S T-Shirt. While I didn’t talk to anyone, I found it interesting to watch the faces of people walking towards me. Most of them dropped their eyes to my shirt. Most of those that did had of look of confusion.

It became evident that these people have never seen a shirt with Jesus written on it. In fact after a while of watching reactions, those looks told me the full story. The look was one of offense!

Why has the name of our lord become a dirty word? I realized that it is rare for me to see Christian messages on shirts in the wild. Don’t misunderstand me, I see people wearing shirts with a Christian message on it often. The problem is that these shirts are being worn in church or other similar settings. Let me clue you in on a little secret. When you are in regular church services, there are very few people in the room who don’t already know God. Your shirt is having little if any affect. In order for a shirt to help share your message it must be taken outside if that context.

I hope and pray that at least one of those people who saw my shirt will go home and google the word Jesus.

Wear Gods Love


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