Religulous thoughts


Last night I caught a tv documentary from Bill Maher. It is called Religulous. I believe that, as troubling as it is, this should be required viewing for anyone who intends to share their faith.

The documentary is basically an outspoken atheist telling American Christian Culture that they are idiots and wrong. I need to say that I was in tears on many occasions (not tears of laughter though). The fact that there was someone on TV challenging everything that I believe in was not my problem. The things that upset me were;

1) Most of the “religious leaders” that he interviewed really struggled to find coherent answers to his challenging questions. Bill is able to quote bible verses to support his argument, or make view points sound crazy. How can we believe in creation with the talking snake when science has so much evidence for humans descending from apes. One of the preachers was struggling to quote basic scriptures that anyone who attended Sunday school for a few months would know. It really worries me that there are leaders of churches that don’t have the answers or really seam to know their bibles.

2) There are so many film clips of “Christians” spreading messages of hate. Holding signs that say “God hates gays”, or “AIDS is the cure to homosexuality”. I have such a huge issue, both theologically and relationally, with these ideas. God loves ALL people. I get upset that this is how the world views Christians. If that’s type of hate is all I saw of Christianity, I would run the other way if someone started trying to share the gospel.

3) The best responses and most coherent answers came from the actor who plays Jesus in a Holy Land theme park in Florida. This isn’t a bad thing, though they did make a point of showing the theme parks publicity people come racing towards them when they realized what was happening (basically trying to give the impression that these people aren’t prepared to face the hard questions). I am so in awe of that actor, who had a reasonable response to most of the questions and a profound explanation of the trinity when challenged on a monotheistic gospel that worships three Gods (he explains it as water. It can have three forms, Steam, water & Ice yet it is still the same thing).

I think that this documentary should be watched and really thought about. The questions raised are questions that every Christian who wants to share the gospel should have an answer to. Just make sure you get the full answer out before being diverted by a brash non believer.

Wear Gods Love


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