Going in to bat on Facebook


I tried an experiment with Facebook, that I will likely continue, this week.

First I shared a post that is a “conversation” between a professor and a student with the professor challenging faith in something that “can’t be seen”. It is a good argument against unbelief. The article ends by saying that the student us Einstein. Further research shows that it wasn’t Einstein.

I have no problem with that as the back & forward is a cogent argument. Even though the original post garnered thousands of responses, my share only had one person picking up the point of not believing quotes on the internet. Fair enough but if having Einsteins name at the bottom makes you believe anything that you wouldn’t normally believe, then you may want to rethink how you make life choices.

So next I posted a YouTube clip of a man being raised from the dead. This had one like and zero comments.

This morning I stumbled on a post Fromm site called “evilbible.com”. The article was stating a case that God is not good because of all of the people that he kills in the bible. So I pointed out that all of the references are Old Testament and usually linked with judgement and that a Jesus died as a payment for our sins.

The original post looked like it was going to get lots of people liking it and having a go at Christianity. There was one follow up comment saying that most Christians haven’t read the bible and font actually know what they believe. I had to agree but was able to still set some details straight in accordance with the gospel message and freedom that we have on this side of the cross.

What I sense is that because some Christians are outspoken, many atheists think that they need to “come out of the closet” and speak up against God. My experience however is that so many Christians (myself included till recently) will pull away whenever challenged on their faith. The reality is that, assuming you have a cogent argument, most people are happy to discuss… Or they will not comment because it is very hard to back up non belief when confronted with proof.

I urge you all to start posting your faith. That doesn’t mean ram it down people’s throats but if you see a post that is misrepresenting God then have the courage to say something.

Wearing Gods Love


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