I Actually Spoke to a Mormon


What I hear you say. Why would you do that? Don’t we all just make an excuse and get rid of them as quick as we can?

When I saw them I was reminded of a girl I spoke to some months ago who was obviously searching and was saying that she feels that the Mormons had answers to her questions. If I had the knowledge of what they were saying I may have been able to have a discussion but as the only things I know about the Book of Mormon are from the musical, I decided that it wasn’t useful to follow that area of discussion.

I think, as someone who is bent on evangelism and seeing people come to Christ, that it is my responsibility to understand where people of different religions are coming from. So I played along to the point where they handed me a Book of Mormon. I asked if they had seen miracles. Their response was a vapid “I see the miracle in me that I can come and talk to people…” But when pushed, they had not seen anything tangible.

I am not suggesting that you will only believe in God if you have seen the manifestation of his spirit, I was merely trying to suggest that my God (while you him he’s the same) is far more powerful than yours.

Interestingly, they said that I’m the only person that they have come across who not only believes in God but also prays regularly. Which says to me, either the Christians aren’t taking the time to talk to them, or fewer people respond to God behind closed doors the way they do in more public meetings. I dearly hope that it is the former.

Wearing Gods Love


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