God Bless ISIS


IMG_0550.PNGI know that title is contrary to initial opinion but stick with me.

This blog has been very quiet for about 3 months. It isn’t because I have nothing to say. It’s because I have taken this long to get my head around the situation in Iraq.

I found that anything that I went to write about felt insignificant with what is going on in the world. I needed to talk about it. I needed to process.

First thing I did was design a shirt (pictured above) because through history, groups who have claimed ownership of a negative marking have been able to use it to unify that group and stand proudly. I am proud to be a Christian. I want to cover the Iraqi Christians with support. So how better to do that than to take the mark that ISIS (or is it ISIL or possibly just IS) were putting on the property of Christians to mark them and put it on a shirt to mark myself.

But, if there is so much evil in what is happening, why would I possibly want to bless them?

If you read the book of acts you will notice that, in today’s terms Paul (or Saul) would have been named as a terrorist. He was responsible for the murder of countless christians. Yet he was chosen to become one of the leaders of the early church and contributed a huge portion of the New Testament.

God loves ALL mankind. No matter how deplorable their actions, the people of ISIS are still part of God’s creation. I just can’t bring myself to hate them (even though their actions grieve me).

My prayer is that the fire of God will fall on the people of ISIS. That they will be filled with the spirit and that they will have dreams and visions of Jesus… Maybe one of them will run into him on the road to Damascus.

Interesting side note. I’m not sure what it means but it feels like there is some level of deep coincidence. If you look at images of the area of Mosul, there is an area of an ancient ruined city on the Left Coast. That city is the remains of Nineveh. That’s right, the location that Jonah was sent to turn them from their ways. The area that had the entire city turn to Gods ways upon hearing one strange voice walking through their streets for three days letting them know that the city would be destroyed.

It was also one of the first areas of conversion to the Christian message. As Christians we tend to forget that geographically, this area embraced the message of Jesus first.

I have no conclusions to these thoughts. Only ideas that I will leave hanging for you to ponder also.

Wearing Gods Love


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