Stepping Out



 I have been rehearsing a musical with a school for the last few months. I have been having an internal battle about how to walk out Gods love in that situation and trying to work out what that looks like. One of the cast has been telling me that she has stomachs ulcers and her voice has not been going well because of the reflux it causes amongst other things. 

During the rehearsal she was struggling with a song. The further in she went the more you could hear phlegm getting caught on her vocal folds and her higher notes were cutting out. She eventually stopped to say it was hurting. So I took courage and asked her to come over for a private chat as the were a handful of other cast around and I didn’t know how she would respond, or if she would respond differently with peers listening in. So I explained that I had seen and been involved in a number of healings at my church and would she mind if I prayed for her throat. She agreed, so I prayed a simple prayer thanking God for the beautiful person that she is and commanding healing on her throat. I asked how it felt. She said that she wouldn’t know till she tried to sing so I got her to start singing… No change. I felt to get her to continue singing while I prayed again. A few bars later there was a distinct clearing of her throat and strength regained on her top notes. 

The other cast noticed the change and went crazy, asking “what did you do”? So I told them that I didn’t do anything, the Holy Spirit did! One of the girls ceased the opportunity to ask if I could heal her knee which was bandaged. So I got her to sit down and I asked the first girl to come and lay hands on her knee. I then got the first girl to command the knee to be healed in Jesus name. Was it healed? She said that she didn’t know. So I asked if there was anything that she could do to test it out. To which she went and did a split jump, landing relatively heavily. It was healed! 

Then a third girl asked if we could heal her knee too as it hurt when she walked on it without the brace/bandage. So I got the second girl to lay hands on her and ask for healing. Healed!

The group were going nuts, so it took the chance to share with them how much Jesus loves them and how I’m just doing what Jesus tells us to do in Matthew 10:8 “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely given”.

I have planted a seed. I have finally stepped into part of Gods desires for my life. I feel so blessed that I was enabled to be a part of that & will be praying for oportunities to continue pointing the people that I have contact with towards God.

Wearing Gods Love


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